What our Tutors Say

Below are testimonials from just a few of our tutors:

  • learners for webEvery new word spoken, every new sentence written or understood by my learners is a big stepping stone and brings joy and satisfaction to each learner as well as to me. As an immigrant myself, who came to the United States not speaking any English, I can easily identify with my learners…(EJ)
  • I am a retired school teacher. I loved being a teacher. Srs. Virginia and Cornelia run an excellent school. The building is clean, seasonally decorated, welcoming and absolutely devoted to the non-English speaker. Each learner’s growth is overseen with care and concern, and each tutor’s comfort level is very important to the Sisters. There is a plethora of books, articles, maps, charts, language props and general education information accessible. Everyone is helpful and most kind. It is a pleasure to be a small part of a wonderful, caring organization that experiences great success. (JG)
  • When I first started tutoring, I didn’t know what I had to offer. As I got to know my learners, I was amazed at how eager they were to learn and how hard it was for them, but they never gave up. My learners are just wonderful to work with. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a tutor at Siena Learning Center. The smiles on my learners’ faces are all I can ask for. (MS)
  • Being a tutor at Siena Learning Center has been a life-enriching experience for me. It is extremely satisfying and energizing to work with a learner. I am convinced that I have grown in many ways as has my learner. I continue tutoring because I enjoy the camaraderie shared with my learner, and I am pleased to see the progress we have both made – mine as a tutor and his as an excellent learner. (ND)
  • The learners are very happy to sense that they are actually learning something every week, no matter how minute it is. I like to think that I’m giving back something that was given to me by some kind people when I was a child who came from Germany not knowing or speaking a single work of English. (FK)
  • It is a joy to have conversations in English at the start of each lesson where we are both able to laugh. My learner and I often begin excellent conversations around iPhone photos. I appreciate all of the help that I receive from Sr. Virginia when I am not certain about how to proceed when a problem arises in my tutoring. (JR)
  • I enjoy interacting with the learners. The gratitude shown by these brave people is humbling. I will continue to do this as long as I am able. For a retiree, it is a sure-fire way to make oneself useful. (CC)