About The Siena Learning Center

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Our Mission

Siena Learning Center is an educational ministry established and supported by the Dominican Sisters of Peace. We seek to provide a holistic approach to literacy for underserved adult learners with a special emphasis on English as a Second Language (ESL).

Our Staff

  • Nancy Rodriguez, Director of Siena Learning Center 

    Nancy is doing what she loves … empowering adults who come to the U.S. to regain their voice by learning or improving their English language skills. Nancy’s experience as a Church Minister, City Commissioner, High School College and Career Advisor, and  School Board Member has equipped her to serve the immigrant population in the Greater New Britain Area.

  • Sr. Cornelia Coughlin, OP, Tutor

    Sr. Cornelia has served God’s people as an educator and a social worker for more than 50 years, following her calling to Ohio, New York, and finally to Connecticut. She joined the Siena Learning Center in 2013 and has served as an Administrative Assistant and as a Tutor.

  • Sr. Virginia Bruen, OP, Tutor

    Sr. Virginia Bruen was the original founder of the Siena Learning Center, which opened in 2008. Now retired from that role, she continues to serve as a tutor, as well as on the Center’s Advisory Council.

  • Jocelyne Lewis
    Administrative Assistant
    Jocelyne joined Siena Learning Center as a Tutor in September 2020. She has a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business and has worked in insurance and banking.
    Jocelyne is currently working with a Learner from France. She says, “I found my calling at Siena Learning Center. I love empowering immigrants who come to this country.”


We are grateful for our many volunteers, who serve as receptionists, administrative assistants, and tutors. The gift of your time is the fuel that keeps our ministry going.

Our Vision

Siena Learning Center, through its ESL Program, will have a positive impact on the lives of adult learners, enabling them to be contributing members of American Society.

Our Advisory Council

The Center is very fortunate to have a dedicated Advisory Council that works diligently to further our mission. The Council includes:

  • Nancy Driska, Chairperson (2021-)
  • Sister Virginia Bruen, O.P. (Ex Officio)
  • Mark Butler Director, Founded Ministry, Dominican Sisters of Peace
  • Sister Cornelia Coughlin, O.P. (Ex Officio)
  • Thomas Pilch (2021-)
  • Thomas Drzata (2014-)
  • Jean Buckwell (2021-)
  • Nancy Rodriguez (Ex Officio)
  • Carmelo Rodriguez, Jr. (2014-)
  • Mary Duane (2021-)

Our members bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise in business, marketing, education, and finance.